Baptism Enquiry

It's great that you are considering coming to St James' for the baptism of your child.  We usually have baptism services on Sunday's at 11:30, which is following our main service.  One question we often get asked is "How much does a baptism cost?".  The answer is very simple - it's FREE!!  There are no fees associated with Baptisms.  

But you probably realise that it costs quite a lot of money to keep our church building open, so for that reason we unashamedly tell you that donations are very welcome!  We realise that these days people rarely have 'old fashioned' money in their pockets, so we make it easy to donate using contacless methods - card, phone, etc.; we have a card reader!  

To start the ball rolling we need some information from you.  Please fill in the form below and hit the Submit button. (Remember to scroll right to the bottom of the form).  Father Michael will then be in contact with you to discuss arrangements, and to get more information.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Page last updated: Tuesday 4th July 2023 11:29 AM
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